Magnetic hermetic pump series mzr-7261 HNP MIKROSYSTEME GMBH


Compact hermetic pump for continuous dosage The micro annular gear pump mzr-7261 is suitable for handling crystallizing, oxygen or moisture sensitive liquids, because the pump has no shaft seal. This functionality is made possible thanks to a liquid-separating cup surrounding the magnetic drive. The compact dimension of this magnetic hermetic pump is achieved by a completely new product design and optimal matching with an integrated speed controller. The pump has a length of 80 mm and a weight of 390 g. The pump handles flow rates from 24 to 288 ml/min with a high precision and low pulsation. The pump is suitable for applications where an avoidance of leakage and a long service life as well as low energy consumption are important requirements. The pump is supplied with a terminal box for speed control and LED status indicator. Advantages Hermetic pump design pump without shaft seal Magnetic drive inner magnet system driven by rotating magnetic field Integrated controller supply...


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